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Amanda Freitag is best known as America's fan-favorite judge on The Food Network’s hit series, Chopped.  She has an elite and diverse culinary background as a chef in New York City, and has traveled the world immersing herself in new cultures, traditions, and foods in search of inspiration.

The Project: To streamline Amanda's social media efforts, develop consistent and engaging content streams, and develop new branding strategies to make her even more marketable, especially within the digital space.

The Solutions: Together, we: developed a robust content calendar system to establish a simple, repeatable posting process; redesigned all of her social media pages; ideated multiple creative content series and produced them in monthly video shoots; launched IGTV and YouTube channels; designed and refined her marketing collateral to better pitch to brand partners; continue to evolve Amanda's content strategy to better connect with her fans and position her for marketable opportunities. 

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With monthly production shoots and a robust creative calendar in place, the content machine we've created is running at full tilt. We have lofty goals and a huge variety of plans set for 2020, but we've already seen great results.

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produced over the course of six NYC filming days (and counting)

compared to monthly analytics prior to our engagement

on YouTube and IGTV  set record fan engagement and earned industry-wide attention

in the first six months of executed content strategy

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How to Make Caramelized Onions – It's Easy AF!
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How to Make Caramelized Onions – It's Easy AF!
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Amanda Freitag takes on the States' Plates Quiz
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